Universal Parks and Resorts Announces Partnership with Nintendo

You thought one big Universal announcement was enough for this week? Think again.


In a post on the Universal Parks Blog, Tom Schroder had the following to say about the partnership.

“Universal Parks and Resorts have announced plans to bring the world of Nintendo to life at Universal theme parks. Together, these two storytelling giants will create spectacular, dedicated experiences based on Nintendo’s wildly popular games, characters and worlds.

The agreement brings two icons of entertainment together and represents a significant partnership for Nintendo as it expands the reach and popularity of its characters and intellectual property.

Universal theme parks offer incredibly popular, innovative themed family entertainment experiences based on compelling stories and characters – using powerful storytelling and innovative technology. Nintendo has created remarkable and imaginative worlds filled with captivating stories and beloved characters.

Now, for the first time, those stories and characters will be brought to life in entirely new ways—only at Universal theme parks. The immersive experiences will include major attractions at Universal’s theme parks and will feature Nintendo’s most famous characters and games.

More details will be announced in the future, as the Nintendo and Universal creative teams work to create specific concepts.”

transformers ride orlando

This is an exciting development for Universal Parks and Resorts, as they continue to charge forward with new attractions and experiences at their parks.

The possibilities are endless. Nintendo has created some of the most recognizable video game characters of all time, including StarFox, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Mario, and of course the entire Pokemon Universe.

What Nintendo-based attractions do you want to see at Universal? Let us know in the comments below!

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2 Responses

  1. CoDAce says:

    I’m not sure how this will work out, there was supposed to be a live-action Legend of Zelda show akin to Game of Thrones, but family friendly of course, and that fell through. So this might fall apart as well, plus they’re not exactly the most willing to let their major IP’s to be handled by third-parties, I’m just not seeing it with their track record so far.

    Though a Pokémon themed ride might be good if done right, and I don’t mean clash of legendries or something along those lines for a dark ride, while a spectacle for sure considering their track record (haven’t been there myself), but it lacks the depth that competitive battling has. That may sound kind of weird but there are several free online battle simulators that do that, you only battle other players and not AI. I never watched the show, but I’ve played the games since the end of Elementary School and still play them, though now the focus has changed, a good number of the almost five-hundred hours (that’s no joke I’m currently at something like 495 hours into it) put into my copy of Pokémon X have been put into breeding and Super Training viable mon’s as just any won’t ever cut it.

    Here are two replays from Pokémon Showdown! to show my statement, I’m the one on the right BTW, won’t reveal the outcome of either battle;

    The tiers are done by Smogon University, an unofficial group with no ties to Nintendo or Game Freak, they try and make a healthy metagame to play in the place of them, but the main tiers are based on usage with bans to remove things that completely break the meta (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QB1Q89hrfEI, explains how the tiers are formed and the banlists, though it might be a little dated to say the least with the mentions). and Aegislash (the sword and shield) was the one being suspected (hence the Suspect Test), was in banned from OU prior, and sadly didn’t make it back in OU somehow. Making the team (http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/freeaegislash2015-peaked-5-with-40-9.3536715/) here that I used in the second battle unusable as Aegislash is still banned from OU, the only change that I made was replacing Heal Bell with Flamethrower to deal with certain mons better, and a 40-9 win/loss ratio and this team making the top five is impressive, though I didn’t do that myself, I’m not THAT good.

    http://www.smogon.com/ if you’re interested.
    http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/ and this as well, don’t even need to own any of the games to play

    Try and say that’s not complex. All of the switching, the importance of Stealth Rocks (the reason that damage was taken simply upon switching in, if you’re curious it’s all based on how the mon that’s switching in is effected by rock type moves, 1/32 if both types resist rock (X0.25), 1/16 if single resist (X0.5), 1/8 if Neutral, 1/4 single weakness (x2), or 1/2 is double weak (X4) to be exact), as well as the mind games involved and almost like chess to an extent, except that RNG can ruin your day (turn 4 of first battle, Charizard would have been one-shotted), the term most often used to refer to that is hax, that could actually translate well to a dark ride, and some battles can go on for over fifty turns and even more than one-hundred turns in some cases (the longest that I’ve been in was something like 96 turns if I remember correctly). But sadly this angle won’t likely ever happen because of how hard it is for most people to relate to that, but I’d absolutely love it if they did as it would help bring the competitive aspect into the light more. It could start from the beginning, but leave out the absurdly stupid levels of frustration that comes with Pokémon Breeding like how it is in the games (randomly receiving an egg and you don’t know how good it is until it hatches).

    The other angle would be a wild roller coaster; it could work with some things around legends or other things, but also considering the demographic of the games that’s not likely either. There was a park in Japan around the Pokémon and it had a coaster (http://rcdb.com/3107.htm).

    Just my two cents, have played a little Mario, no LoZ or any other major Nintendo IP so I couldn’t care less about those to be honest. But as Universal California got Springfield, maybe we could see a Nintendo themed area to counterbalance go in Orlando, a LoZ one would be interesting, and has the depth to work as well, at least new considering the Wizzarding World.

    But I’d like to know what you think of the competitive battling idea? I’m just curious as that’s not an aspect explored at all in the games story, but left in the post-game stuff like the Battle Mansion (48 straight wins right now, NOT easy at all to achieve), Battle Tower/Frontier/Subway and PWT which is optional aside from a single PWT round, not to mention Orre Collosseum in Pokémon XD; Gale of Darkness. Would the depth into that be something you’d like to see or not? Sure you’d leave the tiers out, but it’s still complex, you could do some very interesting stuff with it.

    BTW I managed to trim this down as much as I could, still sorry about the length, and how ‘off-topic’ it is.

  2. Mike says:

    Living here in Orlando, and being a huge gamer, I’m excited about the possibilities of this Nintendo-Universal collaboration. My gaming friends here are already speculating on what type of Nintendo-based rides Universal could have. I’ve heard obvious things mentioned such as Mario Kart bumper cars, to more extensive things, such as a Metroid-themed interactive shooter ride similar to Men In Black or Toy Story Mania. Some have even mentioned that Universal should let go of its agreement with Disney/Marvel and just re-theme Marvel Super Hero Island to a Nintendo-themed section. Tons of possibilities!