Guest Photo Update: Twisted Colossus Construction

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2 Responses

  1. Coaster Kid 15 says:

    Very nice pics!

  2. Eric says:

    I’ve also saw YouTube video from In The Loop about 2 sections of old track not being able to be removed, because of structural reasons. One section being the old final turn returning to loading station, and the other being section of old track below lift hill before old brake run… unless they can find a creative way of covering up the old track. I wish that it had remained a racing coaster too, with a newer layout. Otherwise, Twisted Colossus is looking very good. I also have mixed feelings about Screampunk District section design… especially the Screampunk Theater design. Neighboring Scream! coaster is to be repainted. Colossus entrance and cue line is supposed to be getting a makeover as well. It’ll likely be late spring or early summer when Twisted Colossus opens.

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