Four Six Flags Parks to add Giant Loops for 2015

A familiar fairground attraction is getting a supersized theme park twist in 2015.

Six Flags America, Six Flags Over Georgia, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and Six Flags Great Adventure will all unveil their own version of the Larson Giant Loop in 2015.

Made by Larson International in Fairview, TX, the Giant Loop is a 7 story high version of their Fire Ball attraction that can be described as a “larger, dominating compact roller coaster.”

The 22M Giant Loop is a unique circular freestanding structure with a high capacity – high speed train. Riders hop aboard and begin rocking back and forth, gaining momentum quickly until reaching the top. The train races around the track and then stops you upside down, reverses direction, and starts all over again. The Giant Loops are capable of doing 10 rotations in One Minute.

Each park will have it’s own, unique take on the standard attraction.

the_joker_chaos_coaster_sfog_key_art_0 - Copy

Six Flags Over Georgia outside of Atlanta will be bringing two new Batman villains to the park’s Gotham City in 2015. Their giant loop will be themed after Joker, and will be named The Joker Chaos Coaster. In addition to the Giant Loop, Six Flags Over Georgia will also be building Harley Quinn’s Spinsanity, a spinning flat ride that families can enjoy.

From the park’s website: It’s epic. It’s chaotic. It’s devious. And, it’s waiting for you and 23 other riders! It’s the all-new THE JOKER Chaos Coaster. Experience the insanity of facing off against one another and rocking back and forth through seven stories of looping mayhem. It may seem like the madness is slowing down, but you are about to be thrown for a loop, upside down, 72 feet in the air. And, it’s not over yet. Get ready to be sent in the opposite direction for even more looping havoc.


Vallejo, CA’s Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will be unveiling their own brand of chaos in 2015 with “Daredevil Chaos”

Coming in 2015! Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s newest roller coaster attraction is a perfect balance of anticipation and suspense, unbridled thrills and unmatched wonder – where you’re constantly at the cusp of heading into an inversion and you wonder when will it ever happen?


Located just outside of Washington D.C., Six Flags America is playing slight homage to a former Six Flags Park with the addition of the Bourbon Street Fireball, which is actually named after the predecessor of the Larson Giant Loop. The unpredictable Bourbon Street Fireball looms high over Mardi Gras classics like Ragin Cajun and Wild One, serving up world class excitement at Six Flags America.



Finally, Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags’ premier East Coast park, located in Jackson, NJ, will be opening Looping Dragon in 2015.

You’ll face off against other riders in specially designed seats which bolt up and back the looped track like a pendulum, higher and higher until you’re suspended completely upside down in mid-air! Then the Looping Dragon gains enough momentum to soar through a full 360 degree loop, again and again and again! The steel beast can even change directions, halfway through the loop!

This super-swift super-coaster stands tall next to Six Flags Great Adventure behemoths like Kingda Ka and Zumanjaro. But it will take super-sized courage to ride this Dragon!

Six Flags’ Giant Loops come one year after Elitch Gardens (a former Six Flags Property) in Denver, CO unveiled Brain Drain, the first permanent Larson Giant Loop at a theme park, in 2014. 

For more information all other 2015 Six Flags Attractions,  Click Here and stay tuned to for more coverage.


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  1. Eric says:

    Correction: Six Flags Great Adventure is actually located in Jackson, New Jersey. I believe Gurnee is in Illinois, where Six Flags Great America is located.

    I don’t think the Larson-manufactured ride is considered a legitimate coaster… even though Six Flags is billing the ride as a coaster. SFOG, SFDK, SFA, and SFGADV are each receiving Fireball/Super Loop attraction with different names.

    Great Escape gets a water park expansion for 2015… and no new coaster or spectacular attraction. Last new coaster GE received was back in 2005. If GE is to receive new coaster in 2016, I would lean toward one of the following affordable options…

    Gerstlauer Euro-fighter (SFOG’s Dare Devil Dive)
    Gerstlauer or Maurer Shone Spinning coaster (Pandemonium)
    S&S El Loco (Indiana Beach’s Steel Hawg)
    S&S Free Fly (SFFT’s new Batman: The Ride)
    Intamin Zac-Spin (SFMM’s Green Lantern: First Flight)
    Intamin Twisted Impulse (Vertical Velocity)
    Premier Rides launch coaster (clone of SFDK’s Superman: Ultimate Flight)
    GCI wood coaster (Switchback, inspired by TOGO Ultra Twister)

    If GE was to get a B&M coaster, it’d probably be a hand-me-down from a different park. As for flat rides… not sure of GE getting Tsunami Soaker/Aqua Twist or SkyScreamer. I doubt the SkyScreamer would go no taller than 150ft. Not sure if the Upstate New York park has restrictions on how tall rides can be built.

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