Four Six Flags Parks to add Giant Loops for 2015

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  1. Eric says:

    Correction: Six Flags Great Adventure is actually located in Jackson, New Jersey. I believe Gurnee is in Illinois, where Six Flags Great America is located.

    I don’t think the Larson-manufactured ride is considered a legitimate coaster… even though Six Flags is billing the ride as a coaster. SFOG, SFDK, SFA, and SFGADV are each receiving Fireball/Super Loop attraction with different names.

    Great Escape gets a water park expansion for 2015… and no new coaster or spectacular attraction. Last new coaster GE received was back in 2005. If GE is to receive new coaster in 2016, I would lean toward one of the following affordable options…

    Gerstlauer Euro-fighter (SFOG’s Dare Devil Dive)
    Gerstlauer or Maurer Shone Spinning coaster (Pandemonium)
    S&S El Loco (Indiana Beach’s Steel Hawg)
    S&S Free Fly (SFFT’s new Batman: The Ride)
    Intamin Zac-Spin (SFMM’s Green Lantern: First Flight)
    Intamin Twisted Impulse (Vertical Velocity)
    Premier Rides launch coaster (clone of SFDK’s Superman: Ultimate Flight)
    GCI wood coaster (Switchback, inspired by TOGO Ultra Twister)

    If GE was to get a B&M coaster, it’d probably be a hand-me-down from a different park. As for flat rides… not sure of GE getting Tsunami Soaker/Aqua Twist or SkyScreamer. I doubt the SkyScreamer would go no taller than 150ft. Not sure if the Upstate New York park has restrictions on how tall rides can be built.

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