B&M Manta Clone for Japan in 2015

Nagashima Spa Land recently announced they’re building a clone of Sea World’s Manta, a B&M flying coaster. Acrobat will be the Japanese park’s first major roller coaster since the record breaking Steel Dragon 2000 opened in, you guessed it, the year 2000. Pictured below is come concept art that shows the coaster will be themed to a bat rather than a manta ray.


The flying coaster features four inversions and a maximum force of 4.1 g’s. Pictured below is Manta at Sea World Orlando.

manta layout
This announcement means we now we have four confirmed B&Ms for 2015 (and one still to open this year in China). Possibly another announced later this week. 2015 could rival 2012 for B&M when they built six new coasters and relocated one.


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