Carowinds Teasing 2015 Project

We’re halfway into the 2014 coaster season, and that means that many parks are already dropping hints about what is coming in 2015.

Yesterday, Carowinds posted the following photo on the park’s Facebook page:


© Carowinds

Attached to the photo was the following caption:

We’ve been busy the last few weeks completing a demo of epic proportions. What could be going on? #Carowinds2015

We’ll keep an eye on this, as the park will likely continue posting teasers via social media.

The park’s last coaster was Intimidator, which opened in 2010. Five years seems like a decent gap between new coasters for a park the size of Carowinds.

What do you think Carowinds is planning for 2015? Share your ideas in the comments section below.


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  1. Christopher says:

    B&M giga coaster?

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