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Rave Reviews for Kentucky Kingdom’s Lightning Run

From early reviews and amazing video footage, it appears that Kentucky Kingdom has a real winner on their hands for their grand reopening this Saturday, May 24. Lightning Run is receiving positive reviews from enthusiasts and members of the general public alike.


Photo © Alexander Dickey

Lightning Run is “a Hyper GT-X” model by Chance Rides. It only stands 100 feet tall, but don’t let its small size fool you. The coaster’s 20-seat trains reach a top speed of 55 mph as it races through the 2,500-foot-long course.


Photo © Alexander Dickey

See more photos of Lightning Run and Kentucky Kingdom at Thrillography.

Watch an onride video of Lightning Run below:

For a different perspective of the coaster, watch the below video of Mike and Dick Chance of — you guessed it — Chance Rides take a ride on Lightning Run.

Have you ridden lightning run yet? Share your thoughts about the ride in the comments section below.

Kentucky Kingdom celebrates its grand reopening this Saturday, May 24, 2014. Visit the park’s website for more details.


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2 Responses

  1. yancy says:

    saftey guys need to provide safftey and not jump to a concluson when it involves young black male your not guilty just because these guys have that atittude like that and that make this park a 0, it needs to be corrected. they purchesed a pass just like everybody elese

  2. Jordan says:

    Does Rocky Mountain Construction have anything to do with the seat design on this?

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