Goliath Construction Update: Lift Hill Almost Complete

I braved below-average temperatures at Six Flags Great America today to see how Goliath had progressed since my visit last Saturday.


The most noticeable change was the narrowing gap between the lift hill and the first drop.


Throughout the day, construction crews were working near the almost-vertical first drop.


Although most of the signature Rocky Mountain Construction red track has not been attached to the support structure of the first drop, it’s quite easy to get an idea of how steep this monster will be.


The arch supporting the zero-g inverted stall is still awaiting track as well.


Peeking over a fence, I saw the pieces that everyone is waiting for.


This appears to be the apex of the lift hill (notice the lift chain gear).


If you look closely in the photo above, you can see the other section of the lift hill top. It appeared as though the crane was beginning to lift the piece, but unfortunately that never happened.


Hopefully within the next day or two, we will see a completed lift hill. And more track in place.


It is definitely an interesting structure to look at. I can only imagine how fun it will be to watch the ride in action once testing begins.


Construction workers were spread out all across the Goliath site, including the inside of the station.


Crews were also working on the interior of the soon-to-be Goliath souvenir shop. The adjacent Coke (and churro) kiosk is fully operational.


The park has a tentative media day set for Thursday, May 29th, a season passholder preview set for Friday, May 30th and a grand opening to the general public on Saturday, May 31st. We will soon see if those are the actual dates.

Are you excited to ride Goliath? Share your thoughts about the ride in the comments section below.