Goliath Construction Update May 2014

Six Flags Great America’s new-for-2014, record-breaking wooden coaster Goliath is nearing completion. And with the park now open comes the opportunity to get an up-close look at the giant coaster’s progress. I was at the park yesterday to see the progress that had taken place since my construction tour in March.


Despite its location in the back of the park, Goliath can be seen from multiple spots across Six Flags Great America.


Approaching the coaster from the County Fair area gives an excellent view of the coaster’s lift and inverted drop.


The inverted drop stands tall over Goliath’s station and entryway and will surely intimidate oncoming first-time riders. Iron Wolf’s former station is hardly recognizable.


The coaster is being marketed heavily. The park is aiming for a May 31st opening, but of course that date is subject to change.


The entrance sign really is beautiful.


It isn’t as noticeable in photographs, but the steel supports have been painted to match the color faded wood, which I thought was very smart. While it may look strange now, in a couple of years the steel and wood should look indistinguishable.


A new Coke stand was installed near the entrance during the off season.


Riders will exit through a Goliath gift shop, located in the new building seen above.


The overbank tophat element is complete.


The element is supported by a mix of wood and steel — including some interesting tubular steel supports.


Crews were hard at work hoisting pieces to the top of the coaster via large cranes.


In the above photo, the structure supporting the inverted drop element hides most of the track.


Approaching the coaster from Yukon Territory should offer a spectacular view of the 180-foot, 85-degree drop.


The coaster’s unique support structure allows the maintenance road to remain usable once the right is complete.


Pictures don’t do this coaster justice. It really is a sight to be seen in person.


Unfortunately, Sky Trek Tower doesn’t provide the best view of the construction site, but it does give you an idea of the coaster’s size.


Hopefully the lift hill will be topped out and the inverted zero-g stall track (located underneath the lift hill) will be installed soon so that testing can begin.


Having ridden Outlaw Run last summer, I am certain that Goliath will be a huge success for Six Flags Great America.


Stay tuned as we bring you more construction updates as the coaster nears completion.