A-Z Coaster of the Week: Rita

It’s time for the “R” A-Z Coaster of the Week!


© roger blake

Originally known as Rita: Queen of Speed, this Intamin accelerator coaster opened at Alton Towers in April of 2005. Launching riders from 0-61 mph in 2.5 second, this coaster keeps relatively low to the ground to keep Alton Towers’ neighbors happy. But don’t let this lady’s height fool you. Rita packs a punch as she speeds riders through a nearly 2,100-foot course with little time to catch a breather.


In 2010, the “Queen of Speed” was dropped and Rita was partially rethemed to align with nearby new-for-2010 Thirteen coaster and the Dark Forest area. The coaster’s cars and some station elements were rethemed to look as though they were a victim of the nearby supernatural forest.


© roger blake

Have you ridden Rita before? Share your thoughts about the coaster in the comments section below. And stay tuned for next week’s A-Z Coaster of the Week!


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3 Responses

  1. Carter says:

    Is that the now defunct Corkscrew in the background of the last image, or something different?

  2. Nick says:

    Yes Carter, that is the Corkscrew in the background.

  3. Jaymes says:

    I still call the ride Rita “Queen Of Speed” to this day. It took me over a decade to visit Alton Towers & it is one of the most phenomenal parks anyone can visit. You really have to appreciate Alton Towers for what they design/build with the crazy restrictions they have & Rita is one of those rides to be appreciated. “The neighbors” that were mentioned have complained about everything possible when it comes to placing a new coaster on the property from noise to color(s). Rita has to stay below the tree line as every ride in the park does which is restricted to a mere maximum of 70ft. The tops of any bright colors on a ride must be painted a very off putting green like color scheme. Yet with these limitations, Rita just like many rides at Alton, pack a punch with a unique layout. For only making a series of high rise s-curves/switchbacks & low to the ground helices, Rita offers splendid pops of airtime & speed throughout its short but action packed course! It may not have been a “Secret Weapon” but I loved it! 😉

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