Video: Drop Face Down on Falcon’s Fury

If you don’t think you’re afraid of heights, you may want to reconsider after watching the video below. Busch Gardens Tampa has released on-ride footage of Falcon’s Fury, the soon-to-open 335-foot-tall drop tower.

Watch it if you dare:

Unfortunately, the Intamin tower’s opening has been delayed due to technical difficulties. But it’s still expected to open in May. Stay tuned to Busch Gardens Tampa’s website for the latest details.


Will you ride Falcon’s Fury when it opens? Share your thoughts about the ride in the comments section below.


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1 Response

  1. Joseph says:

    Where would you rate this over Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Lex Luthor Drop of Doom? Or even Zumanjaro Drop of Doom. I think the whole new design trend of the face first thing might make it better.

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