Take a Ride on Liseberg’s Helix

If you’ve been longing for a long roller coaster ride, you may want to book a trip to Liseberg in Sweden. Tomorrow, April 26, 2014, the park will debut Helix, a 4,531-foot-long launched Mack coaster.

Yes, a 4,531-foot-long launched coaster.

The park recently released several videos of the coaster in action. Watch an on-ride video of the coaster below:

Perched on Liseberg’s scenic hillside, Helix stands 134 feet tall and features seven inversions: two corkscrews, a Norwegian loop, a zero-g roll, an inverted top hat and an inline twist. Riders reach a top speed of 62 mph, thanks to a Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM)-powered launch in the second half of the ride’s course.

If you got turned around while watching the on-ride video, watch the off-ride video below to better grasp the size and scope of this coaster:

You can see even more Helix videos on Liseberg’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

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