PortAventura’s Angkor Splash Battle Opens

PortAventura’s new-for-2014 Angkor water ride opened late last week. And while it may not be the most thrilling attraction in the park’s history, it is certainly one of the most beautiful.

The family-friendly Angkor is a Mack “Interactive Boat Ride” (also known as a Splash Battle) located in the China area of the park.


Mack recently shared some beautiful photos of the new ride on their Facebook page.


According to Port Aventura, Angkor is “inspired by the great Temple of Angkor, considered the largest religious structure ever built and one of the most important archaeological treasures in the world.”


The park describes the Angkor ride experience: “Use your water cannon to shoot at the pythons, monkeys and tiger found in the temple, so that your boat can freely pass through. Continuing along your watery journey, you will enter a real town where you have to hit targets before the locals will let you carry on your way. Finally, the naval battle awaits … Who will win?”


Angkor seems to be one of the most beautiful of these splash battles that I have ever seen. I may be too busy admiring the view to participate in the water battle.


Angkor features an equally beautiful entrance area.


Non-riders can also join in on the fun by shooting riders with water cannons.


Visit Port Aventura’s website to learn more.

Have you ridden Angkor yet? Share your thoughts about the ride in the comment section below.