A-Z Coaster of the Week: Nighthawk


Our “N” Coaster of the week has worn many hats. Originally “Stealth” at Paramount’s Great America from it’s opening in 2000 to closure in 2003, and later “BORG Assimilator” at Paramount’s Carowinds from 2004-2007, the coaster was renamed Nighthawk after the sale of the Paramount Parks to the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company.


Nighthawk, one of only three Vekoma “Flying Dutchman” coasters in existence (Firehawk at Kings Island and Batwing at Six Flags America), takes 24 riders 115′ up the lift hill before flipping them onto their stomachs (lie to fly) as the coaster train takes passengers through over a half mile of track and five inversions, alternating between both lying and flying.


Nighthawk has gone through three separate paint schemes during its relatively short existence. As Stealth, the coaster’s track was red and white, with navy blue supports. As BORG Assimilator, the track was painted a vibrant green and black, while the supports were a dark grey. As Nighthawk the coaster track is all yellow, now with royal blue supports.


According to Google Maps, there are portions of Nighthawk in both North and South Carolina, joining Carowinds’ Carolina Cobra, Carolina Goldrusher, and Thunder Road as the only four roller coasters to have the distinction of being in two states.


Were you able to guess our “N” Coaster of the Week? You think you can guess our next coaster? O. Okay.