Six Flags New Orleans Future Still Uncertain

More than eight years have passed since Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on New Orleans and the U.S. Gulf Coast. Six Flags New Orleans has remained shuttered ever since.

Proposals have come and gone, yet the park has sat quiet (except when being used as a film set). But according to the Times-Picayune, a redevelopment committee responsible for the park’s future recently looked at two proposals to revive the abandoned park.


Six Flags New Orleans was born from the former Jazzland amusement park in 2002. Following Hurricane Katrina, Six Flags moved a few salvageable attractions to other properties and left the picture.


© Infrogmation of New Orleans

The two plans reviewed at the meeting include:

  1. The Paidia Company plans to reopen the park as the original Jazzland. The $50 million first phase of the proposal will reopen the park. The $20 million second phase includes “Baritone Beach,” a music-themed water park as well as retail outlets.
  2. Transformation Village LLC is proposing a seven-phase plan that starts with building a Jazzland amusement park. although the plan has no clear source of funding or cost estimate. Future phases include an “Atlantis” water park, “a dome-shaped shopping center arranged by global continents, a 450-foot replica of Noah’s Ark that houses an orchestra studio, a movie production lot, a resort-hotel complex and a facility for students studying hospitality.”

Unfortunately, neither of the plans received much positive feedback during that review. Both were missing financing details and other important information, according to committee members.

The below graphic illustrates the two proposals:


© The Times-Picayune

Former plans for the area included an outlet mall, sports complex and even a Nickelodeon-branded theme park.

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