El Loco is Open for Business

Las Vegas’ newest roller coaster is now open. Only the second of its kind in the United States, El Loco at The Adventuredome at Circus Circus officially opened to the public today.


Designed by S&S Worldwide, Inc., El Loco’s “soaring eye-catching structure offers a unique and exhilarating ride experience in a small footprint.” El Loco riders reach a top speed of 45 mph as they race through 1,300 feet of “electric yellow” track. The coaster also features:

  • 90-foot ascent followed by a high lateral G hairpin turn and a greater-than-straight-down diving drop producing a negative 1.5 “vertical G”
  • lateral floater that transitions into a 45-degree outwardly banked curve and doughnut roll
  • 180-degree turn that races over the edge into a barrel roll
  • reverse 240-degree roll that zooms into an inverted drop before coming to a sudden and complete stop

This infographic details more of El Loco’s offerings:


“Allowing the vehicle to make tighter and faster turns, El Loco’s small four-person cars feature an innovative open-carriage design giving riders the feeling of flying as they twist around every turn.”


Adding to the overall “Loco” experience, each seat is equipped with a surround-sound system. Riders will hear “a custom soundtrack featuring the sounds of Latin, Hip Hop and Rock.”


“El Loco offers our guests something they have never experienced before and is the perfect addition to The Adventuredome,” said Tom Nolan, vice president of operations for The Adventuredome. “This is the first place in the country where El Loco can be experienced indoors, which makes it even more exciting. Riders enjoy El Loco’s twists, turns and drops in such close proximity to our other rides that for an instant, they get the sensation that they may run into Canyon Blaster or even touch the top of the dome creating a truly thrilling experience.”

Watch a video of El Loco in action below:

Have you ridden El Loco yet? Share your thoughts about the ride in the comments section below. You can also tweet us at @Coaster101.

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