Banshee Trains Arrive at Kings Island

Banshee’s trains were delivered to Kings Island today. The world’s longest inverted coaster will feature a new style of train never before used on a B&M inverted coaster. We were told on our construction tour of Banshee the restraints are a new, upgraded version of the harness seen on the wing coasters, such as GateKeeper at Cedar Point.

kings island banshee car

The vehicles on the three trains sit four passengers in a row. Visibility is expected to be better than older inverted coasters due to a minimized support structure from the seats to the chassis.

banshee roller coaster trains

Greg Scheid ‏@KIGMGREG

Greg Scheid ‏@KIGMGREG

We can’t wait to give the new seats a try when Banshee opens on April 18th!



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