Banshee Construction in Final Stretch

The last two pieces of Kings Island’s Banshee coaster arrived at the park yesterday—meaning that construction of the 4,124-foot-long B&M inverted coaster is nearing completion. In just a few months, riders will be speeding along the track at speeds of up to 68 mph.

Banshee Track 005

© Kings Island

The sections of track were delivered from Clermont Steel Fabricators in Batavia, Ohio. The park also shared a video of the truckload leaving the facility and arriving onsite.


© Kings Island

The above photo shows an almost-complete second vertical loop. The lift hill, 150-foot first drop, first vertical loop and the batwing are complete, leaving the spiral, in-line roll and carousel elements still under construction.

The time-lapse video below shows the final pieces of the coaster’s batwing element being hoisted into place:

The coaster is expected to open in April.

Which Banshee element are you most excited about? Share in the comments section below.


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