Dollywood’s FireChaser Express Construction Update

Earlier this week, Dollywood shared some excellent construction photos of their new Gerstlauer dual-launch coaster, FireChaser Express.


The coaster will include a forward and backward launch. The forward launch will propel riders from zero to 16 mph in 1.1 seconds, the backwards launch, zero to 20 mph in two seconds.


So far, a decent portion of the coaster’s 2,427 feet of track has been completed.


These bunny hills will no doubt provide some family-friendly pops of airtime.


The various buildings surrounding the coaster are beginning to take shape, including the station.


All Photos © Dollywood

In the above photo, the coaster’s lift hill passes remnants of Adventure Mountain, the 2010 obstacle-course attraction that was removed to make room for FireChaser Express. The coaster will weave through parts of the leftover tower structures. I’m glad that Dollywood was able to reuse at least part of such a shortly lived attraction.

FireChaser Express is expected to open in March. See all of the construction photos here.

What are your thoughts so far about Dollywood’s newest coaster? Share them in the comments section below.

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  1. Eric says:

    FireChaser Express is looking good. Again, this, along with Goliath (Six Flags Great America), Lightning Run (Kentucky Kingdom), Banshee (King’s Island), and Medusa Steel Coaster (Six Flags Mexico), to name a few, are sure to be very promising new coasters for 2014.

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