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Busch Gardens Tampa’s Pantopia Area Opening in 2014

Get ready for a trip to Pantopia. Next spring, Busch Gardens Tampa’s new Falcon’s Fury drop tower will debut in a fully remodeled area of the park.

PANTOPIA at Busch Gardens Tampa (Medium)

Currently known as Timbuktu, the new Pantopia area will feature refreshed themeing, as well as rides, new dining options, live entertainment, shopping, a renovated indoor theater and more.

Falcon's Fury - PANTOPIA at Busch Gardens Tampa (Medium)

Falcon’s Fury will anchor the Pantopia area, which is located in the center of Busch Gardens Tampa.

Falcon's Fury Busch Gardens Tampa - Key Visual with Logo (Medium)

Falcon’s Fury riders will pivot 90 degrees in midair to a face-down dive position before plunging more than 300 feet.

PANTOPIA at Busch Gardens Tampa 2 (Medium)

The re-imagined land will be a “creative haven that has been inspired by centuries of world travelers, offering something for every member of the family,” the park reports.

PANTOPIA at Busch Gardens Tampa 3 (Medium)

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“Pantopia will celebrate the spirit of animals, welcome adventurers from the four corners of the earth, explore ancient lore and display fantastic architecture,” says Busch Gardens Park President Jim Dean.

“Guests will find multiple portals and doorways and learn about the legends that have drawn journeyers from around the world to Pantopia. Plus, family favorites like the Scorpion, Phoenix, Bush Flyers, Desert Runners and the Kiddie Train will return.”

Pantopia is discussed the first Falcon’s Fury webisode. Take a behind-the-scenes look at the area below:

Stay tuned to the Falcon’s Fury website for more updates on the new ride and Pantopia.


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