Mystery Coaster Monday 011

Welcome to the 11th edition of our inaugural Mystery Coaster Monday series.  Try and correctly guess the coaster in the edited picture below. We’re keeping track of who guesses correctly and the person that guess the most correct answers at the end of the series will win a Coaster101 Prize Pack! If you haven’t played yet, you can still win!

How to Play

To enter, simply post your guess below in the comment section. You can also tweet us:@Coaster101 or on the post on our Facebook page.

Mystery Coaster Monday – Week #11

Below is this weeks coaster:

MCM 011

If you have guessed a coaster before, make sure you are using the same name so we can keep track of the points.

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Good luck!


This week’s Mystery Coaster Monday is Phantom’s Revenge at Kennywood. Congratulations to those who guessed correctly!

MCM 011re