Is Kings Island Building a B&M for 2014?

This afternoon we had an interesting anonymous tip on our Twitter feed.


After we re-tweeted Kings Island’s cryptic “670200029” tweet, “Kings Island Expo” tweeted us a link to this picture:


The tweet read: “It is the bar code on a track, and support elements at the B&M plant!”

Although most of the track is not visible, the bar code is nearly identical to that of other B&M coasters. See an example of Sheikra’s bar code here.

I’m tempted to think that the “WI” in the part number may suggest a “WIng coaster.” This photo posted on Theme Park Review shows a B&M wing coaster destined for China. It has a similar part number.

This is all speculation, but I think the odds are increasing that we will see a new B&M rising from Kings Island in 2014.

What are your thoughts on Kings Island’s 2014 project? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, check out our Kings Island 2014 update that was posted earlier this month.