Vintage Park Photos: Kings Island 1996

While not as old as some of the vintage park photos from Walt Disney World I shared earlier, these pictures from Kings Island taken in 1996 are quite interesting to look at. The park was still under the Paramount name when this pictures were taken. The antique cars are still present meaning Backlot Stunt Coaster has not been built yet. Before Tomb Raider: The Ride there was a second, larger log flume (and I can’t remember its name, anyone know what it was called?). King Cobra, the TOGO standup roller coaster is still standing too. I never had the courage to ride it but I’m not sad I didn’t either. Top Gun, the three-year old suspended coaster, was still supporting its original red color scheme and had already lasted longer than the Bat. My favorite picture is the one that shows the future location of Son of Beast and now the site of the Kings Island 2014 project. Take a look at the pictures below and let us know of anything interesting that catches your eyes!

Sorry for the quality of the pictures but these were taken before I owned a digital camera.

Kings Island was home to three out of the fifty roller coasters listed in 50 Legendary Roller Coasters That No Longer Exist.


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  1. D Davis says:

    Since when did 1996 become Vintage? These scenes and many more are Kodak clear in my memory.
    Great pics, thank you for the share 🙂

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