Largest Ferris Wheel in North America

star of puebla 3

There’s been an explosion of observation wheel announcements in North America, all vying to be the biggest on the continent. The Orlando Eye, the High Roller, SkyVue, Steel Pier wheel, and the New York Wheel are all claiming they will hold the record of tallest observation wheel in North America, at least for a short while. While all of these projects are in various stages of design or construction, another wheel that has been under the radar is about to claim the title.

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The Star of Puebla observation wheel is scheduled to open in July in Puebla, Mexico. Its 260 foot height will instantly make it the tallest Ferris wheel on the continent. There will be 54 total climate controlled passenger cabins: 50 capable of holding up to 8 riders and 4 VIP cabins holding up to 6 guests. It will take approximately a half hour to make one full rotation. The Star of Puebla is designed by Ronald Bussink and manufactured by Maurer German Wheels.

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