Karacho Construction at Erlebnispark Tripsdrill

One of Gerstlauer’s newest Euro-Fighter coasters is under construction at Germany’s Erlebnispark Tripsdrill. Karacho stands 98-feet tall and will launch riders from 0-62 mph in 1.6 seconds when it opens this summer. The park shared some beautiful pictures of the nearly completed coaster on its¬†Facebook page:


The photos posted showed the coaster being “topped-off,” where the tallest piece of track was set in place. The the top hat element stands nearly 10-stories tall.


The ceremonial “ride-topping” tree was placed at the tallest point of the coaster.


Karacho is Tripsdrill’s fourth coaster.


I love the minimal support work on the top hat. It’s all downhill from here for construction crews.


The 2,296-foot course contains four inversions. I spot two (and a half) in the above photo.


The launch track appears to be enclosed or partly submerged underground.


Riders will no doubt have a beautiful (albeit short) of the park and German landscape at the peak of the top hat.

Visit Tripsdrill’s website to learn more about the park (at the time of this posting,¬†there seems to be no mention of Karacho on the English website).


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2 Responses

  1. daniel says:

    i went on it nd it is da best ever along wit da silver star

  2. daniel says:

    mewent on it and it is da best ever along wit da silver star

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