Six Flags St. Louis Opens After Snow

Despite receiving over a foot of snow earlier in the week, Six Flags St. Louis opened for the season on Friday to friendlier weather. The park documented the week on its Facebook page.


Last Sunday’s record late snowfall came only four days before the park was due to open.


This before-and-after shot shows how much a few days difference can make. The photo’s caption on Facebook read: “It is amazing what a little sunshine and a lot of employees with snow shovels can accomplish!” Clearing the snow in time for the park’s opening was likely a team effort from employees from every department.

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Members of the local media were on hand to cover the park’s opening. The above left photo shows the park’s newest coaster, Boomerang, still under construction. The coaster will reportedly open in June.


All photos © Six Flags St. Louis

The St. Louis Salvation Army Brass band was at the park providing live music for the opening day festivities.

The park is running an opening weekend promotion through tomorrow that features an entry price of $20.13 online or at the front gate with 2 non-perishable food items. Learn more at the park’s website.

Do you plan to visit Six Flags St. Louis this season? Share your plans in the comments section below.


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