Kings Dominion Prepares to Open Planet Snoopy

Today, Kings Dominion will open Planet Snoopy, the largest Peanuts-themed children’s area in the world. The area includes eight new rides (18 total rides) and covers nearly 14 acres of land.


The eight new family rides in Planet Snoopy include:

  1. Charlie Brown’s Wind Up: Hop on with Charlie Brown and swing through the air on Charlie Brown’s Wind Up;
  2. Flying Ace Balloon Race: Up, up and away! Soar high into the sky in a hot air balloon that climbs 37 feet into the air;
  3. Linus Launcher: Let’s go! Tilt up, let your feet dangle and feel as if you are flying through thin air on Linus Launcher;
  4. Lucy’s Tugboat: Come aboard and set sail on the high seas with Lucy and your family by your side on Lucy’s Tugboat;
  5. Snoopy’s Junction: All aboard the only Peanuts-themed railroad at Kings Dominion, as Woodstock and Snoopy lead the way on Snoopy’s Junction;
  6. Snoopy’s Rocket Express: Blast off with this rocket-themed monorail that gives your entire family an aerial view of Snoopy’s playhouse;
  7. Snoopy’s Space Buggies: Defy gravity and bounce your way to the moon on Snoopy’s Space Buggies;
  8. Woodstock Whirlybirds: Take the kids for a spin around on the classic teacups with a Woodstock twist.


Planet Snoopy will also feature:

  • Three new live shows, including a high-energy BMX-bike show with bikers and skaters who were semifinalists on Season 7 of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” starting June 22. The new entertainment in Planet Snoopy is part of a major entertainment expansion, including 7 new shows (10 total) at Kings Dominion.
  • An 1,100 square-foot Family Care Center with reading time, changing rooms, feeding rooms, nap areas and more;
  • The Kings Dominion Marketplace with healthy food options, including fruits, cheese, vegetables, salads and healthy drink options;
  • “Planet Snoopy Family FUNtastic Guide”: a first-of-its-kind education guide containing lessons geared toward family interaction before, during and after a visit to Planet Snoopy. Parents can pick up one at the Family Care Center in Planet Snoopy.


All photos © Kings Dominion

“The new, world-class Planet Snoopy along with our enhanced live show line-up at Kings Dominion, demonstrates our commitment toward providing a day for families to spend together and create new memories,” said Kings Dominion’s Vice President and General Manager Pat Jones. “We are determined to make Planet Snoopy at Kings Dominion the best children’s area it can be.”

Kings Dominion opens on Friday, March 29 for its 39th season of operation. Learn more about Planet Snoopy at the park’s website: