Theme Park Studio Update


The Theme Park Studio team sent us a huge update full of exciting content regarding the upcoming theme park simulator game. The newly-revealed animation module feature allows players to make custom flat rides within the game.

Watch a video of the animation module that allows you to build custom flat rides below:

If you’re worried about lacking the skills to work the animation module, don’t worry. Theme Park Studio allows you to choose from many pre-designed rides. See a couple of the pre-designed rides below.


The ability to create a custom ride in the game is something revolutionary for the theme park simulator industry. Players can create a ride using basic shapes or custom meshes, then give it animation using a built in keyframer and physics.


Hopefully this will prevent the park from becoming dated as new flat ride types are introduced into the amusement industry.


Seen above is a model of a Huss Frisbee that will be included in the game. Theme Park Studio will have several flat rides available, so if players prefer to build a park using pre-existing flat rides, rather than building them from scratch, that is also possible.


A Huss Top Spin was also revealed as a pre-designed flat ride for Theme Park Studio.


Read more about the incredible capabilities of the Theme Park Studio animation module here.

Visit Theme Park Studio’s new official website to learn even more about the game.

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