Boomerang Arrives at Six Flags St. Louis

News crews were at Six Flags St. Louis today to greet pieces of the park’s new(ish) Boomerang coaster when they arrived at the park.

The coaster is moving from its old home of Six Flags over Texas where it was known as Flashback. The coaster is now sporting a neon green paint scheme.



Bright green sections of the 935-foot-long coaster began arriving on flatbed trailers today, although the coaster will not open until June.



Construction crews are blasting away parts of the park’s terrain to make Boomerang fit. The coaster will reportedly tower over the park’s walkway.

Six Flags St. Louis will contain over 23,000 feet of coaster track, according to the park’s public relations manager Elizabeth Gotway. Watch the entire news video here.

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