Istanbul’s Vialand Opening April 2013

Vialand, a large theme park and entertainment destination under construction in Istanbul, Turkey won’t open until April 23, 2013, but the park already has a very informative website along with several renderings of the resort. The theme park component will reportedly include two Intamin roller coasters among many other attractions.


Vialand will consist of four different zones: Fun Zone, Shopping Zone, Adventure Zone and History Zone. Each of these zones will include various attractions.

One of the Intamin coasters in the Adventure Zone will stand nearly 165 feet tall and will launch riders at 68 mph. A family Intamin coaster will also open with the theme park. Learn more about Vialand’s rides¬†here.


Seen above is a map of the entire resort.

Construction on the resort began in September of 2011. It’s expected to be the largest entertainment resort in Turkey.

Visit the Vialand website to learn more about this new park.


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  1. For me to go there, it would have to have more roller coasters.

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