Adventuredome Adding El Loco Coaster

Circus Circus’ Adventuredome in Las Vegas will open an S&S El Loco coaster in December of 2013. The coaster, appropriately named El Loco, will be the second of its kind in the United States, and the first to be built indoors.


According to the press release, “Designed by S&S Worldwide, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of vertical and family thrill rides, El Loco roller coasters are famous for their record-breaking steep first drops and one-of-a-kind moves. With only five other El Loco coasters worldwide, the addition of the ride to America’s largest indoor theme park will provide Vegas visitors an exclusive opportunity.”

Due to limited space, the coaster will feature a compact layout:

“Riders will ascend 70 feet before diving over and under in a backwards motion, delivering a negative 1.5 ‘vertical-G.’ The ride’s unique elements, including a 45-degree outwardly banked turn, a greater-than-straight-down diving drop, and a 180-degree turn that races over the edge into a barrel roll, will provide guests with an extraordinarily thrilling adventure.”

The lapbar-style restraint will give riders an even more thrilling experience: “Offering one of the smoothest rides in the business, El Loco’s innovative, four-person cars feature an open design which will give riders the feeling of flying during the 75-second ride along 1,300 feet of track.”

El Loco will replace the park’s Rim Runner flume attraction which was one of the four original attractions at The Adventuredome.

Construction will begin soon.

What are your thoughts about Adventuredome’s El Loco? Discuss in the comments section below.


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