Sandy Coaster Climbing: Patriotism or Insanity?

A New Jersey man decided to scale the partially submerged Casino Pier coaster to place an American flag atop the lift hill.


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According to the New York Daily News, Christopher Angulo’s coaster climb landed him behind bars and subsequently in a psychiatric ward.



Angulo is apparently no amateur to climbing structures. He came prepared. He used two climbing lanyards and wore a helmet to climb to the top of the Jet Star coaster.

The coaster has been deemed a health hazard and will be removed soon. I haven’t heard of what will become of Angulo.

What do you think of Angulo’s actions? Do you think he deserves institutionalization? I have a hunch some details may be missing from his background. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  1. Steve says:

    I don’t know about patriotism. There doesn’t seem anything insane about what he did. He was well prepared for the climb and succeeded. The image is provocative and interesting. What about the people responsible for building the ride there? Are they being reviewed for possible arrest or institutionalization… seems they are the ones out of step. Or is it the oceans fault? Perhaps this guy is our fall man for increasing carbon dioxide levels.

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