IAAPA 2012 Day 1: Wooden Coasters Galore

The annual IAAPA Attractions Expo began today in Orlando, Florida. Around 25,000 people are expected to attend the week-long convention showcasing the innovations and new products within the amusement industry.

Several exciting announcements and surprises have already taken place at the Orange County Convention Center within the first day of the event. Several wooden coaster companies made announcements.

Great Coasters International debuted a design for the world’s first shuttle wooden roller coaster, appropriately named “Back Track.”

Watch the animated rendering of the “Back Track” coaster below to get a better idea of the interesting concept:

I think that the “Back Track” concept would make for an interesting family wooden coaster.

© Great Coasters International

Chris and Jeff of Great Coasters International can be seen in the above photograph holding another wooden coaster model.

Silver Dollar City, along with Rocky Mountain Coasters, unveiled the Outlaw run trains today at the event.

© Silver Dollar City

Check out the below panorama posted by Silver Dollar City to see the uncovered trains.

© Silver Dollar City

The Gravity Group was also represented at IAAPA showcasing an incredibly-themed Timberliner train car.

© The Gravity Group

We’ll be bringing you more updates from IAAPA as the week progresses. I’m sure there are many more surprises for us in store.

Mount Olympus also made a very exciting announcement about an added “twist” to Hades for next season. Click here to learn more details about that.

Are you at the IAAPA Attractions Expo? Share your experiences in the comments section below!