Parks’ Halloween Festivities Conclude

Many parks concluded their Halloween festivities this past weekend, but the Halloween spirit is still in the air (until Wednesday, at least). Below are a few photos of Halloween decorations and ghouls from various parks across the globe.

Alton Towers is promoting the logo for its new-for-2013 coaster on the side of the park’s castle.

A couple of ghouls at Valleyfair decided to take a break from scaring park guests on Power Tower.

An old photo of what I believe is Astroworld was posted to Six Flags’ national Facebook page..

Zombies are taking over Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Not even the carousel is safe at Frontier City.

Disneyland shared a creative Toy-Story-inspired pumpkin carving.

Ending on a not-so-scary note, Carowinds shared the photo of a pumpkin scarecrow hanging out around some bales of hay.

Did you visit any parks during the Halloween season? Share your experience in the comments section below!


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