Knott’s Perilous Plunge to Close Permanently

Knott’s Berry Farm’s Perilous Plunge flume ride will close permanently the day after Labor Day, according to local news and park management.

The ride stands 121 feet tall and features a 115 foot drop, with the boats reaching speeds of up to 53 mph.

During its 12-year lifetime, Perilous Plunge has experienced long periods of downtime for a variety of reasons. It also garnered negative attention in 2001 when a woman was thrown from the ride and fell to her death. In recent years the boats were equipped with over-the-shoulder restraints.

© Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm General Manager Raffi Kaprelyan said: “Perilous Plunge has carried thousands of visitors over its 12-year tenure at Knott’s, so we wanted to invite guests out to give it a proper send-off.”

Although no details were given about future plans for the site, the park did say that those plans ” are scheduled to be released shortly.”

Knott’s Berry Farm is very creative when it comes to finding (or making) room for new attractions. What do you think could be in store for Perilous Plunge’s old spot? Share your ideas in the comments section below.


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