Toverland Building Mack Spinning Coaster

This green and yellow Mack spinning coaster under construction at Toverland somehow managed to slip under the Coaster101 radar. According to RCDB, the currently-unnamed coaster is expected to open in October of this year. By the looks of these photos posted to the park’s Facebook, they still have a ways to go. The coaster is believed to have the same layout as Twist at the Le Pal park in France.

This will be Toverland’s fourth rollercoaster, following Troy, a GCI wooden coaster and Booster Bike, a Vekoma Motorbike coaster.



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  1. Mykey says:

    sup yall….i love coasters and all amusement parks. cedar point is my number one tho. yes cedar point has originated the first “est” rollercoasters. also some regular rides like maxair and skyhawk. yes kingda is a taller dragster w a bunny hop at the end. steel dragon 2000 maybe taller than millenium, but milleniums drop is still the longest. now back to the new winged coaster…its another “est” and thats great. but none of the winged coasters originated here in united states. check out “raptor” 2years ago i think and “the swarm.” opened this year before wild eagle. its layout is like x flight. which that name originated in ohio at six flags when it was here. its now “firehawk” at kings island. 🙂

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