Six Flags St. Louis Opening Weekend 2012

We travelled to Six Flags St. Louis on Saturday which was only the park’s second day of operation this season. For the most part, I was very impressed with the park’s opening weekend performance. Having never been to this park during opening weekend, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The only two negatives of the day were the long season pass processing line (which was to be expected) and Mr. Freeze being closed (which was also to be expected). Having said that, the rest of the day was quite enjoyable.

The Bonzai Pipeline slide complex is coming along nicely, although there is still some work yet to be done before the waterpark opens.

The crowds were very light for the first couple of hours, however they quickly picked up by early afternoon.

First up for the day was Evel Knievel or American Thunder or whatever it’s being called these days.

After four years, the coaster hasn’t lost any of its original speed, intensity, or airtime.

Yeah, there’s still a lot of airtime to be had.

Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast won’t open until May, but that didn’t stop me from photographing the ride’s structure.

The park is really going all-out in marketing the Reverse Blast experience. You can’t go far without seeing a sign or video promoting the backwards ride.

I didn’t see any noticeable differences on the ride’s structure. I’m guessing the only changes that will be made will be to the trains.

I kept hoping that if I lingered periodically around the ride that I would get to see a testing train traverse through the course, but unfortunately I had no such luck.

Pandemonium is holding up well without all the Tony Hawk stick-ons.

This is the only coaster at the park I haven’t ridden (I hate spinning).

I love watching, though!

It’s a great coaster for families or two pairs of people who don’t know each other.

While waiting to get my season pass processed, I had ample time to watch Xcalibur cycle through.

Who says Six Flags doesn’t pay close attention to detail?

I always forget Six Flags St. Louis’ carousel. I suppose I’m used to Six Flags Great America’s in-your-face double-deck carousel.

Although rough, I enjoyed my rides on the Boss. Its massive layout and stomach-churning drops can’t be ignored.

It’s definitely a beautiful coaster.

Just imagine topper track here!

I believe this may be my only shot of Screamin’ Eagle. The ride was running quite well just as it was last year, but the one-train operation made for a very lengthy wait.

SkyScreamer was up and running today, although you wouldn’t know it by looking at this glorious photo.

One lonely Superman carriage stuck at the top of the tower.

I wish I had access to a playground like this when I was a kid!

I really wish they would rename “Highland Fling” the “Vomit Comet.”

I think Colossus is a terrifying name for a ferris wheel, regardless the size.

Lunch was a bit slow, but that’s understandable considering the new all-access dining pass the park is trying out this season.

Despite the crowds, there will still some areas of the park that were empty.

There are some really beautiful areas of the park, especially the Bugs Bunny National Park area.

I really like how this park’s Hurricane Harbor entrance is right by the main entrance! (ahem, Six Flags Great America)

It wouldn’t be a trip to Six Flags without Batman!

I wonder why this Batman is the only copy in the Six Flags chain not to be repainted a non-black color scheme.

Batman Begins…

…The Dark Knight Rises. Alright I’m done.

You can’t go wrong with a spin on Batman. It’s truly a classic.

Overall, it was an excellent day at the park. A Flash Pass certainly would have helped with avoiding some of the longer lines, but the waits generally never surpassed 45 minutes. Huge kudos to the folks at Six Flags St. Louis for a great opening weekend. I can’t wait to return and check out Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast.


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