Dollywood’s Wild Eagle Opens

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Less than a year ago, the world got a glimpse at a few pieces of track that many suspected were headed to Dollywood. Fast forward nine months, and Wild Eagle is preparing to officially open to the general public. Today, season passholders and members of the media were invited to test out the new wing coaster.

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Reviews so far seem to fare very well for Wild Eagle. On our Facebook page, Brian Neal said in regards to Wild Eagle: “It’s my number one steel coaster! Amazing!”

Although the weather didn’t fully cooperate for today’s event, it appears as though a large number of people were able to take a ride on the new coaster. Dolly Parton was on hand to talk with the guests and media, although I don’t believe she actually rode the coaster. has a great story on the opening of Wild Eagle, while Theme Park Review has great photo and video from the grand opening event.

Have you had the chance to ride Wild Eagle yet? What are your thoughts on the coaster? Use the comment system below to tell us what you think.


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