Busch Gardens Tampa Adding Drop Tower

As rumored, Busch Gardens Tampa will be adding a drop tower in the old Sandstorm location in 2013. While it was assumed that the ride would mirror Williamsburg’s tower, the plans call for a 32 seater. This means that it will possibly be built by the same manufacturer, Moser Rides, but will not be the same ride. According to Park Rumors, it looks like it will be a Gravity Tower. Busch Gardens is known for building unique rides, so it will not be surprising if this is something that we haven’t seen in Florida.




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  1. Marcus says:

    Busch Gardens is probably going to be my favorite amusement park once they implement this ride! Intamin drop towers are my favorite amusement park ride other than roller coasters. It will be interesting to be riding a Moser Gravity tower for the first time. Can’t wait until it’s finished.

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