Going Green: Six Flags

Up next in our Going Green series is the Six Flags park chain. Six Flags has taken several initiatives over the past couple of years to

For example, the park has “entirely converted 8 trains, 3 trams and mulitple vehicles to run on vegetable oil.  Oil previously used for french fries and chicken strips is actually helping replace diesel fuel in the park.”

In 2009, Six Flags partnered with Perf Go Green Holdings, Inc., the leader in biodegradable plastic products and everyday green solutions, to jump start even more green initiatives.

Mike at the Six Flags blog posted:

“The Six Flags’ green efforts also include the implementation of “Six Flags Unplugged,” an energy awareness program designed to educate team members on conservation.  As a direct result of this program, I have begun posting this blog online instead of printing it out on resume paper and placing under car windshield wipers.

The initiatives haven’t gone unnoticed, either.  Six Flags Over Georgia was nominated for a 2010 Atlanta Environmental Award.  The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has just recognized Great Adventure for their voluntary and proactive measures that go above standard compliance.  And this is a park that powers the tallest and fastest coaster on Earth.

These initiatives are only the beginning and Six Flags aims to reduce its energy consumption a full 10% by 2015.  Join in on the mission or else risk Captain Planet returning to your Saturday morning cartoons.”

Below are a few more iniatives the chain is taking:

• Harnessing the magic of the Six Flags dining experience, all vehicles and trains that currently run on diesel fuel will be switched over to run on used vegetable oil generated in the food courts of the company’s theme parks;

• Six Flags theme parks are also switching over to LED lamps and lighting as a way to cut energy use

• The company is ramping up its recycling efforts as well; in addition boosting paper recycling programs, Six Flags has partnered with Coca-Cola to add more than 3,000 recycle bins in the amusement parks

• Water-saving efforts at Six Flags parks include the addition of low-flow water fixtures and plants and groundcover on park grounds that reduce the need for watering

• Six Flags is exploring the possibility of installing solar energy facilities on land surrounding some parks to power the roller coasters, rides, and buildings.

Hopefully we’ll see these initiatives continue over the next few years. Keep up the great work, Six Flags!