Incredible illusions after sunset at Efteling

Efteling is using 3D video mapping to project intricate video onto three Efteling attractions:

“When the night falls, facades will come to life where nothing is what it seems in this amazing spectacle of illusion and appearance. Three attractions, in which spirits reside and change shape. The impressive spectacle is created using video mapping: an optical illusion between projection and reality.

3D video mapping consists of a video layer projected on a building, causing an optical illusion between the 2D building and 3Dprojection. Buildings change their shapes in seconds and can even start to move or collapse.”

Efteling is using these 3D projections to enhance three attractions during the holiday season:

Villa Volta
Which tells the story of Hugo the robber who is cursed by the White Lady to live inside his residence. This fairytale lets the façade of Villa Volta crack, twist and turn whilst the White Lady on the roof comes to life and speaks to Hugo. Watch the video below to see these incredible special effects in action:

Haunted Castle
The dark tunnel near the Haunted Castle turns into a dark place after sunset. Icy Icebrand and his four monks have taken control of the tunnel. These grim spirits, translated to an interactive installation, follow visitors down the corridor and react on Efteling visitor’s movements.

The Flying Dutchman
The Flying Dutchman also becomes a gloomy place after sunset. This illusion shows how Willem van der Decken (The Flying Dutchman) is trying to tame the sea. Against all odds he sets sail and there is nothing that can stop him.

Hopefully we will see this technology appear in more parks in the future!


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