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Orlando Thrill Park… back from the grave

Some park concepts just won’t die, and Orlando Thrill Park is one of them! The local news in Orlando reported:

“Monday the city council will once again take up the “Orlando Thrill Park” proposal.

The park, which is planned for Orlando’s Tangelo Park area, was voted down by the council in April because that area off of International Drive is currently zoned for residential use only.

Earlier in October, the city reached a new zoning agreement that would allow the park in the Tangelo Park area.

The council is expected to pass that agreement during a first reading Monday. A second reading and public hearing is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 14.”

Is the third time a charm for this proposed park? I suppose only time will tell.


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3 Responses

  1. Orlando Thrill Park Fan says:

    yes, i hope the park opened in 2013.

    i will ride the inverted accelerator strata coaster please built it 500feet high new worldrecord

  2. R.J. says:

    Now that the idea is back out of the water, any new updates?

  3. jman says:

    yes i love the ideal

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