New Theme Park Design Class

The idea of a class dedicated solely to theme park design would interest most coaster enthusiasts.

Motivarti, an organization based in Los Angeles, which provides classes, lectures, and workshops for people in the entertainment industry, is offering a Themed Environment Design class. The class will focus on the unique challenges of creating themed environments, as well as the key concepts to making these immersive experiences real, practical, and entertaining. Theme park design veteran Chris Runco will teach the class. Runco has worked in the theme park industry for over 35 years and is currently a concept artist at Walt Disney Imagineering.

Chris Runco

Subjects to be covered in the course include theme parks, restaurants, retail and museums, upgrades to existing parks or exhibits, and discussion of new types of venues and technologies. Students will brainstorm, create written descriptions, storyboards, sketches, models and/or digital media, and ultimately present to the group. The class will take two on-site field trips to analyze firsthand the immersive themed experience.

Registration for the class ends September 7. Click here for a complete description of the class and registration instructions.

Mention that you read about the class on Coaster101 and you’ll receive a 10% discount on the course (discount will appear as a refund after registration).


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