Zoombezi Bay’s Two New Waterslides

Zoombezi Bay, the waterpark located inside the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Columbus, Ohio, opened two new waterslides this year.

Python Plunge is a master blaster slide with an uphill section and a double down.

Big Boa Falls contains a series of dark turns before dropping into a thirty foot half-pipe.

Admission to the zoo also grants visitors free admission to Jungle Jack’s Landing, home of the classic Sea Dragon wooden roller coaster.

I also have to say, outside of Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Busch Gardens Tampa, the Columbus Zoo is the best themed zoo I have ever been to. The quality of the newest exhibits is on par with Disney. They even have their own “it’s a small world” like flume ride. The Columbus Zoo is also the best organized zoo where animals are grouped according to where they are found, such as North America, the Islands of Southeast Asia, etc. You can check out a video I filmed at the zoo in 2007: