HersheyPark unveils SkyRush in 2012

Skyrush logo.

Announcement week continues with the unveiling of HersheyPark’s new 2012 attraction, SkyRush, 200-foot tall roller coaster. This $25 million wing rider coaster, built by Intamin, will bring new thrills to the Comet Hollow area of the park. The ride will have a 50-degree ascent, to a height of 200 feet, and a decent of 85 degrees, with a top speed of 75 mph, making it the tallest and fastest ride at Hershey. Skyrush will not feature any inversions, but will include five airtime hills and four high-speed banked turns.

Skyrush layout.

The ride will be nearly 3,600 feet long, making it the longest ride in the park as well, and will feature yellow track with light blue supports. The deep blue trains will have two floored seats on the inner part of each “wing” and floorless seats on the outer parts. I have to admit, B&M trains found on Behemoth and Diamondback immediately came to mind. The seats sound more similar to this than this.

Skyrush train plan.

As of now, this will be the first wing riding coaster in the United States. Here is a POV of the new ride:

Skyrush Fact Sheet



Manufacturer                                                Intamin AG

Ride Supplier                                               IntaRide LLC, USA

Model                                                                        Mega/hyper coaster with winged seating

Seat Details                                                   Cantilever geometry

Four seats per car (two floored, two floorless)

Floorless outer seats are winged

Outer seats offer a 270-degree panoramic view

Structure                                                        Steel track

Maximum Height                                        200 feet

Elements                                                        50-degree ascent

85-degree descent

Four high-speed/high-banked curves

Five airtime hills

Lift Speed                                                      26 feet per second

Maximum Speed                                          75 mph (+/-)

Track Length                                                 Nearly 3,600 feet

Color Scheme                                                Light blue columns

Yellow track

Deep blue trains with yellow accents


Number of Trains                                        2

Capacity per Train                                       32 riders

Approximate Ride Time                             63 seconds

Theoretical Ride Capacity                          1,350 riders per hour



Projected Cost                                              $25 million (estimated)


Announcement week continues tomorrow with Holiday World. “You’re itching for another hint, aren’t you? Okay, here’s one: we’re going to gain a new record and give up an old one with the ride we’re announcing tomorrow.” What could it be?