Robocoaster CAD Model

I created a Kuka robo coaster model in CATIA. I used the car from my cantilevered roller coaster simulations to save time. The track is created using three sketches with laws (one overhead, one side profile, and one for banking). I made this in about a day so please excuse the lack of detail. The purpose was more to show proof of concept that this was possible to create with CATIA.

The next step I decided to try was adding a rotating dome to the model on which a video could be projected similar to the Harry Potter attraction. After that, I put the robotic arm onto the lower chasis of my cantilevered coaster model and simulated it going around the track.

This could be the closest you’ll come to seeing a CAD model recreation of the Harry Potter ride. Although I have yet to experience the Wizarding World for myself, I think the main differences between my model and Universal’s is there’s contains 47 robotic arms and is at a constant speed rate where my base speed is variable.  Check out some renders below!

Side view of the robocoaster.

The actual ride would likely feature one row of four seats.

Wireframe mode.

Track overview with no materials applied.

Front view of the robocoaster car (borrowed from the cantilevered coaster model).

Robocoaster CAD model render

Harry Potter inspired dome.

Cartoonish rendering of the computer model.

Robocoaster using my cantilevered coaster track layout.


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