Possible Dollywood 2012 Track Spotted

Blue B&M track was reportedly spotted en route to Dollywood. I came across this interesting blog post on Tumblr:

© do you belong to a song?

The caption states: “Some delicious B&M track on its way to Dollywood!”

When a reader asked how the blogger knew the track was headed to Dollywood, they responded: “Yeah, it was so bizarre! We stopped to get gas in Kentucky on the way back to Ohio from Holiday World & saw it hanging out in the truck lot. A guy in our group went & talked to the driver & he said he & the other truck were headed to Dollywood.”

This is by no means, of course, a confirmation that Dollywood is receiving a B&M coaster for 2012, but it’s definitely an interesting development that bears close watching. We’ll keep you updated.

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  1. Jordan says:

    I was at Dollywood today and at the top of the lift for Thunderhead if you look straight ahead behind the ride their are a dozen or so pieces exactly like what is in the picture.

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