Street View: Inside SeaWorld San Antonio

Up next in our “Street View” series, we are venturing inside SeaWorld San Antonio, the newest of the SeaWorld parks. The park opened its doors in 1988 and is now home to four coasters.

The park’s beautiful entrance leads guests into a large entry area.

These were likely taken before In-Bev bought Anheiser-Busch.

SeaWorld Antonio features Lost Lagoon, a waterpark that opened in 1993.

Through the trees is Steel Eel, the park’s tallest coaster.

The Morgan hypercoaster opened in 1999 and stands 150 feet tall.

At 3700 feet, it’s definitely not a one-trick pony of a ride.

It’s worth noting that the park’s log flume, Texas Splashdown, closed permanently on May 13, 2011.

The park’s skyline might not be the best, but it certainly beats SeaWorld San Diego’s!

The Great White is a Batman: The Ride model, with the trains being 8-rows long being the only difference. Some say this makes the ride more intense than the others. I’ll leave that one to your own interpretation.

Journey to Atlantis, opened in 2007, might not be the most themed of the three Journeys, but it’s certainly a step up from the log flume!

We didn’t touch on the animal attractions at SeaWorld San Antonio, but above are some of the park’s major attractions!


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