A Day at Six Flags St. Louis

A friend and I ventured to Six Flags St. Louis on May 7 to check out how the park had changed since I last visited in August. Luckily, there have been several improvements made in just a few short months.

$15 for parking. This was probably the worst part of the whole day.

The Six Flags St. Louis skyline might not be the biggest or the baddest, but it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

I for one will miss Papa John’s. But I’m sure Primo’s will suffice.

Lucky for us the name change didn’t affect the ride.

The ride hasn’t changed a bit since it opened in 2008… which is a good thing!

Hopefully they’ll eventually put something here. I heard that ACE might be providing general coaster history stuff, but I think embarrassing family photos would work as well.

American Thunder is the smallest wooden coaster at the park, yet it’s the one I always choose to ride over and over again.

Mr. Freeze looks pretty nice with its new(ish) paint scheme. It blends with the sky nicely.

From reading the park’s Facebook page, the coaster’s operation seems to have been spotty lately. However, I never saw it closed.

It wouldn’t be an amusement park without a plant canopy tunnel.

In other news, Tony Hawk’s Big Spin is now Pandemonium.

I’m anti-spinning coaster, but I would assume that the ride experience, like American Thunder, is the same.

Screamin’ Eagle, after receiving a much-needed rehab, is a completely different ride.

The coaster is currently being repainted in stages. It looks (and rides) great!

They haven’t yet gotten to the tallest part of the ride.

The Boss is still awful.

It has so much potential, yet is so incredibly painful. Perhaps it will get the same treatment as Screamin’ Eagle.

Perhaps this time next year it will be better.

I’m not a kid anymore, but Six Flags St. Louis’ Bugs Bunny National Park sure makes me want to be one again.

I got excited because I saw Sky Screamer operating, but it was only for a video shoot.

Don’t tell Cedar Fair, but I like Sky Screamers alot more than Windseekers.

That’s a nice logo.

It looks alot taller in person. And I love the “Six Flags” globe at the top.

I guess Stride Gum trains are here to stay.

Ninja’s a fun little ride. It fits the park well.

Batman was great as always. The ride ops were especially quick.

I wonder why Six Flags St. Louis’ Batman is the only one to not be repainted to some other color.

Before leaving I took one last ride on American Thunder. The lines weren’t bad at all, despite a school band competition.

Overall it was a great day. The ride operations were exceptionally great. Despite slow service at at the food places we stopped at, the day was perfect. I think this is going to be a great year for the park.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Jillie says:

    Nice! I’m going there saterday I’ve never gone upsidown but I’m gonna try mr freeze and batman but in my defense I’m nine other wise all ride any rollercoaster you throw at me again I’m only nine! I’m totally freaked about those coasters:( answer PLEASE I literally got sick i mean barfed about it I’m worried sick literally worried sick I’m a nine year old that needs TONS of answers and WHOLE TON OF ADVICE AND HELP!!!!!!:(

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