Dollywood 2012 Update

What is Dollywood building for the 2012 season? No official announcement has been made as of yet but all clues point towards a new roller coaster. I visited the park this past weekend and was happily surprised to see that construction has already been started!

While climbing up the path to the loading station for the Mountain Slidewinder, on the left hand side toward Timber Canyon, there is a bit of land clearing going on up in the woods. There are construction markers all over the place. Rumors say the station could be positioned here.

The other location where the majority of construction has started can be seen while taking the path up to the SkyZip zipline. There is a lot of earth moving in the area just to the left and behind the SkyZip ticket building and many more construction markers all over the hill where SkyZip begins and ends. Plans call for a three buildings to be relocated and I wonder if these are going to be the SkyZip buildings? It also looked like there are some maintenance buildings up on the hill behind the SkyZip platforms that may could be moved as well.

I have marked up a park map and an overhead aerial picture to give you an idea of where this construction is taking place.

Pete Owens of Dollywood recently had a chat with our friends over at Thrillnetwork where he answered a few questions about the new 2012 attraction:

Q. So what can you say about the 2012 attraction?
A. It is going to be a cool attraction, the first In the United States.

Q. Could you clarify if the 11 feet height reported in the Mountain Press was a typo?
A. It will be taller than eleven feet.

Q. Will 2012 represent DW‘s largest investment for a new attraction to date?
A. Yes it is the largest investment.

Q. Will it be highly themed?
A. I believe you will be pleased. One element should set a world record.

Read the full transcript here.

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  1. kelsey says:

    When you ride the thunderhead and you are on the top of the hill climb you can see roller coaster pieces out in a dirt field.

  2. kelsey says:

    Also when you are walking through the park near adventure mtn there is a big piece of land under construction. There is a tarp like fence with clouds on them and the words the sky is not the limit posted on it.

  3. Hello: many thanks for using time of creating up this details. I normally seek to additional my comprehension of points. Even if I agree or disagree, I really like knowledge. I just remember the old times if the only supply of information was the library or the newspaper. They each appear so archaic. : )

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