Is California’s Great America’s future in jeopardy?

This park can’t win for losing. After losing three coasters in the past decade (Invertigo, Stealth, and Greezed Lightnin’), the park’s future does not bright.

Dick Kinzel, the soon-to-be-former Cedar Fair CEO stated in an article that Cedar Fair is still seeking to sell the park to the San Francisco 49’ers. The article reads: “But outgoing CEO Richard Kinzel says the company is stable now. And with the exception of a park in Santa Clara, California, that it hopes to sell to the San Francisco 49ers, ┬áit anticipate no major deals.”

However, the park claims that a new attraction will replace the recently-removed Invertigo coaster.

This park is a rollercoaster ride in itself. I guess only time will tell whether or not this park will live to see the five years from now.